M.R.C Fabrics

We offer a full range of quality fabrics

It is a story of an employee who turned into an entrepreneur because of his extraordinary spirits, hard work, sincerity and dedication. Hailing from a very small village background with daily wages as their source of income in weaving, our patron Mr. M Muthusamy laid the foundation of this company M. Ramachandran & Co., the family run business along with his two sons Mr. Balusamy Muthusamy and Mr. Ramachandran Muthusamy. We strongly believe that it is our time-tested heritage that has made us what we are today.


  • Consistant Quality

    Our products are manufactured with high quality fabrics and industrial standards.

  • Comfort

    Our products are 100% cotton that makes you comfort throughout the day.

  • Wide Delivery Channel

    Our wide network of dealers around India make sure the products reach you on time.